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The BIMD 233 Zone

HTML/CSS stuff for Intro to Web Design class

This is a heading

This is a smaller heading!

And this is a reeeeally small heading.

Welcome one and all to the setup page.

This link should take you back to the homepage.

This text should be bold, this text should be italicized, and this text should be both!

But this text should be neither…

This is a Table!

Result (d4) Effect
1 You drop to 0HP instantly.
2 You gain the benefits of a Long Rest.
3 You cast Fireball centered on self.
4 You ascend…
  1. This
  2. Is
  3. An
  4. Ordered
  5. List

And in this block, the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog…

More to be added as I learn more things!