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Lucinder, aka Sav, aka Luca, aka Cid (give me a hot minute or so to decide on which one I'm gonna keep) is a sophomore at UW Bothell majoring in Computer Science. They plan on changing the world, irrevocably and unforgettably.

They draw, collect rocks, make maps, study statistics, invent gods, dote over Pokemon, and have an all-around love for all things that hardline religious fundamentalists would likely decry as the work of Satan.

They also frequently cite death of the author. They do this out of disrespect, and they do not apologize. Examples of authors sentenced to [metaphorical] death include HP Lovecraft, JK Rowling, and Sigmund Freud.


Most importantly, they hope you have a wonderful day!


A page for tests of html, markdown, and other such nonsense.

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